Startup ideas: 7 unusual examples

Popularity of startups today is undeniable, and more and more people take an interest in small investment business as a form of passive income. Ideas for startups are diverse and entertaining, but a lot depends on the project implementers too. So, getting acquainted with the sales proposal and business plan, you should not only think about how much income you can get if a startup succeeds, but also how it will improve the lives of the clients. Success, demand and, eventually, your investment income depend on it.

Here are 7 unusual startup ideas for different business fields.

1.Ecology: Ocean Bottle

Developers of the product are worried about the growing use of plastic and pollution of the World Ocean. They created an attractively-designed reusable bottle helping to protect the sea animals and replacing up to 100 plastic bottles that could pollute the environment. Out of the requested $10,000 the Ocean Bottle has collected $180,044.

2.Devices: Matrix PowerWatch 2

PowerWatch 2 is a smart watch not requiring charging. The battery is powered by the warmth of the owner’s body and the sunlight, transformed into electricity. The watch has all the functions of the similar devices, but gives more freedom and presents a new technological approach for the smartwatches. Published on a crowdfunding platform, this startup requested $303,053 for the development, and collected 2001% of the amount: $2,001,211.

3.Education: Coursmos

Coursmos is an educational platform for small online courses. Most of them are free of charge. Now the platform has more than 900,000 students and more than 7,000 tutors in different scientific fields.

4.Travelling: The Mantis Tent

A universal hammock-tent is designed for backpackers who don’t use heavy equipment while travelling, but need protection from rain on the open air. The startup has collected $185,921 and gained popularity among clients.

5.Food industry: Atomo Molecular Coffee

Collecting $22,249, the Atomo Coffee has become a great alternative to the popular coffee drinks, having their taste and aroma. It was invented by a molecular biologist, who identified about 40 molecular compounds contained in coffee bean oils, and was able to synthesize them. Testing showed that coffee lovers could not distinguish molecular coffee from ordinary Starbucks coffee, or even called it more delicious.

Molecular coffee production has many advantages:

  • it lowers the cost of the product itself
  • it doesn’t require the use of pesticides
  • it helps the climate and is eco-friendly
  • it potentially reduces the labor on the plantations

6.Design: Kwambio

It’s a Ukraine-originated online platform for designers, owners of the 3D-printers and people interested in 3D-printing in general. This is an online business for the designers: they upload 3D-models for printing of different objects, and users buy and download the projects to print them. The whole world understands that the future is for such platforms, and now this startup has already collected more than $650,000.

7.Technologies: Augmented Pixels

One of the widely known businesses originally was a startup too. In the nearest future this company developing the augmented reality technologies and apps is expected to occupy 10% of the market. It has already cooperated with George Lucas’s Industrial Light&Magic, National Geographic and the Qualcomm company.

So, speaking of startups, there is an infinite amount of answers on how to invest money. The main thing is to choose wisely and gradually gain experience in investing.

Also, every startup is a great opportunity for an IT-specialist to earn money online, as every project needs its digital realization. In this way, finding an interesting startup and communicating with its creators, you can not only invest money, but develop the project with them, becoming a part of the team.

So, there are many opportunities to buy a business and invest in an innovative idea or approach. They can bring not only profit, but also benefit and joy.

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