Business Case for Creative Content Marketing: LawnStarter

Thinking outside the box can help a traditional business craft a non-traditional development strategy. We all understand that a startup idea has to be unique to attract interest, but how could we apply creative content marketing to something that isn’t so inherently riveting? Like lawn care services, for example. What would we have to do to make that popular?

Creative Online Content Marketing and Lawn Care

LawnStarter is an Austin-based startup that is now widely known across the US and has scored $7 million in funding. It’s a website that allows you to easily book lawn care services, as well as compare prices and availability. The secret to LawnStarter’s success was content marketing.

Let’s be honest: social media strategy for a service like lawn care can be boring if it’s done in a traditional way. Additionally, LawnStarter’s initial target audience consisted of homeowners, many of whom took care of their own lawns and weren’t interested in paying others to do it.

So, LawnStarter bet on organic traffic. They did this by creating interesting website blog articles about things more or less related to lawn care. Some examples were:

  • events in the city

  • sports field maintenance

  • and even population growth (for this one, the team interviewed a local Austin demographer, and the article boosted his popularity as well)

Using Social Media and Civic Pride

Another social media marketing tool is the analysis of customers’ preferences on social networks:

  •  who they follow and why

  •  what kinds of content they are interested in

  •  what information might be useful for the creation of a content plan

Also, startups segment their content regionally, to make it even more “local.” By creating content for individual regions and cities, LawnStarter extended its reach to more than 1 million people!

LawnStarter and its excellent team did everything themselves, but it’s often faster and easier to order social media marketing services from the professionals. And that’s where MindArts can lend a hand.

Biness Case for Creative Content Marketing: LawnStarter