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A startup is not just a risk and responsibility, but also a clear, step-by-step implementation of a strategy with specific, well-defined actions. Every innovative product has to pass through many stages before its launch. Unfortunately, some never get there. But by simply showing a finished product to an investor, you significantly increase your chances of getting an investment. MindArts knows all the pitfalls involved with development, promotion, and attracting investors for startups. Our calling is to transform business ideas into reality. By helping you, we can make the world a better place!

Tech Startup Development and Launch

The Cost of Developing a Startup Without Our Participation

The Team: to launch a startup, we need a very expensive team, including:

— Project Manager (1) — $2000

— Front-end Developer (1) — $3000

— Back-end Developer (1) — $3000

— Mobile Developer (1) — $3000

— UI/UX (1) — $2000

— QA engineer (1) — $2000

— Designer (1) — $1500

— Marketer (1) — $1000

— Office Rental $500

 One-time expenses for opening an office and buying equipment $5000

 Other expenses (Internet, servers, etc.) $1000

— Having calculated the costs, the first full working month will be about $24,000.

 Each additional month is approximately $19,000.


On average, the development period of a start-up project takes at least 6 months, so at least $143,000 is needed in order to develop and launch the initial version of a startup.

— After the launch, project technical support will cost you from $10,000 per month.

— Having calculated all the items of expenditure, we receive $203,00 per year, not including taxes.

Startup Development and Launch With Our Help

You receive a turnkey fully-finished product in just 1.5 months. It includes:

Analysis of competitors

Evaluation of the project and the defining of its key KPI

— Development of a digital prototype project

— Creation of a corporate logo

— Creation of a portal design

Front–end startup development

— Back–end startup development

Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android

 MVP development for startup and testing

Integration with CRM

 Presentation for investors

 SEO – Internal optimization, technical audit

— Setting analytics systems

Startup launching

Signing of an NDA and its strict compliance

— Constant work on software updates for your startup

Technical support 24/7

The fixed price for a month’s worth of work by our entire team is about the same as the monthly salary of a programmer.


Service starts in May 2019

The path to the realization of your dream business begins here!

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