IT Technologies in the Plush Business

There are numerous examples of entrepreneurs taking old business ideas, and adding a little creativity, experience, and technology to make something new.

The question is how to implement these ideas originally, and how to bring something innovative into an existing business. Successful startups become a hit this way: with their uniqueness and their usefulness to the customer. Today’s example of this is the plush business.

Teddy Bears!

Everybody loves teddy bears, right? But what did it take to turn soft, cute, little teddy bears into a plush empire? And what would the founders of these companies have to do if they started their business today?


Margaret Steiff was a needleworker who created teddy bears based on her nephew’s sketches. Her courage and creative approach helped her build a company in Germany that even managed to overshadow manufacturers in the United States. The international success of her bears is especially surprising, considering that they got their nickname from the American president “Teddy” Roosevelt, and yet they’re popular all over the globe. Ever since the company took the grand prize at the 1910 World’s Fair, Steiff has been pumping out bears like nobody’s business.

What is the secret behind the Steiff bears?

  • a bold approach to an idea
  • the teddy bears resemble dolls, and not real bears
  • the toys are flexible and are even able to “stand” because of screwed-in hinges

But even today, Steiff, like other companies, cannot exist without advertising, since even well-known brands can quickly fade into obscurity. That’s why Steiff actively uses its official website, as well as seo promotion, things which are impossible without experienced programmers, designers, marketers, and creative writers.


This British company has been producing teddy bears since the 1930’s. Their characters vary in head shape and paw print, and many are produced in small quantities, making them exclusive. Their toys have become a versatile present for any age or event, and a blessing for anyone who doesn’t know what gift to buy. And, of course, they bring the owners millions in profits!

Today Merrythought is actively using the official company website and smm promotion to keep up  a constant dialogue with customers. Marketing is aimed at both large wholesale clients and individual buyers. The same is true for a startup project: success and further development of a product depend on the precise understanding of the preferences and goals of an individual client. Only after that can the startup confidently expand.

Ty Warner Inc.

It all began, as it often does, with a single talented individual. Ty Warner, the founder of the company, created a toy that was touching in every sense of the word: pleasant to the touch and nostalgically old-fashioned.

Starting with a successful production of toy cats, Ty decided to create his own version of the long-beloved Teddy bear. The very “antiquity” of his plush toys became their hallmark: after all, we’re used to seeing teddy bears in old movies and they make great timeless gifts.

At first, the product was sold exclusively in small shops, so that the toy was perceived as a remarkable find. Word of mouth did the rest.

Today, for each of Ty Warner Inc.’s plush toys, a whole backstory is created: these are the work of marketers and copywriters. And in order to have the story reach and touch the buyer, you need seo website optimization by professional IT specialists. Thoughtful websites are devoted to these plush toys, and there they are positioned as:

  • a unique gift for the individual buyer and the people they love
  • an attractive addition for companies that deal with children, such as toy museums, toy stores, and photo studios, as well as flower shops

So it turns out that a good idea can live and transform over decades, and that at different times different means are needed to implement it. In the 21st century, even the teddy bear business can’t do without an IT component. That’s why it is so important to entrust your startup’s website to professionals like Mind Arts. We love working with up-and-coming businesses:

  • we treat them with the same love as Margaret Steiff loved her bears
  • we create the basis for an idea’s popularity like the Merrythought developers
  • we help promote unique products like Ty Warner’s…and yours!

The IT sphere is MindArts’ thing: we will fully implement and promote your idea online. This will free up your time so that you can improve your business and focus on your customers. Don’t wait for success!

IT Technologies in the Plush Business