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The introduction of the latest computer technologies into areas where they have not been used before.


Innovation, focus on new quality of IT-solutions for business together with maximum satisfaction of clients’ interests due to new opportunities provided by modern technologies.


Becoming a leader in the innovative services market.

MindArts is a young Ukrainian IT company founded in August 2018 by graduates of the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (kmbs) who each have many years of experience in various fields: manufacturing, IT, and the financial industry. Competences possessed by the founders of MindArts are primarily related to project management, high technology, and marketing communications. Now the company is developing two ambitious projects that are designed to revolutionize their industries.

The first project involves B2B and should help solve one of the main problems of the Ukrainian economy, namely to help strengthen the economic activity of Ukrainians. This is a platform that will allow young entrepreneurs to quickly and cheaply put their business on its feet: turn the idea into specific customers, products, contractors and cash-flow. The range of services for future businessmen will include ready-made IT solutions, SEO support, and assistance in finding investments. This project should also interest existing entrepreneurs, since it will enable them to quickly scale their business to other countries, and to expand sales or search for partners on the Internet.

The second MindArts project is in the B2C field. Its calling is to retain the connection with previous and future generations of the family. Modern computer technologies will allow service customers to always remember who they are and where they come from. In fact, this idea is analogous to “computer immortality” built on family values ​​and innovative IT solutions.

The start of both projects is scheduled for 2019. A few more ideas are currently being transformed into project initiatives. As the company’s founders say, “Computer technology is the key to all doors and the solution to all problems. It is the real MindArts.”

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Viktor Sinenko

Viktor Sinenko

CEO & Founder

Cathrine Radzevych

Cathrine Radzevych

Marketing Team Lead

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