Content marketing – is increasing loyalty and interest of the target audience to your Brand / Service

Content marketing – is the rise in sales growth + reduced cost for attracting customers

Content marketing – actively increases the share of organic traffic due to the competent distribution of SEO queries

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                      We are engaged in:

– Development and blogging of client companies;

Writing articles for content marketing campaigns;

– Working on the creation of trusted content;

Creating the TOR for copywriters in Home;

Carrying a selection of sites for placement of written articles;

Development and implementation of a content plan with regard to SEO requirements;

Optimization and clustering of texts for search engines and social networks;

Publication of content on the client’s website;

– Writing SEO articles;

Writing 100% unique content;

– Publication of posts in social networks – SMM promotion.

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SEO Content 

You’ll get the proper texts, taking into account all the requirements of the search engines — for semantics increasing and fast promotion of your website

Content That Sells

Unique content created specifically for your product / service. In the process of content writing, there’ll be created portraits of target characters for effective targeting. The greatest strengths of your products will be described: brightly, creatively, unforgettably

PR Content 

Advertising content — to increase brand recognition, and create a loyal customer’s attitude to the product / service. It will call the client to action

Graphic Content

Achieve individually created: infographics, gifs, photos, collages, illustrations, etc

E-MAIL Content 

Your existing content can be given a fresh breath. For the beginners, we come up with a whole marketing strategy with: characters, from fun to classic corporate content, with a call to action for customers. The CTR will be increased too

Information Content

You’ll get in writing: the company news and promotions, consolidated with the useful articles for the blog

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