Digiclan. The logo introduction

We, in MindArts, are happy to present to your attention our new startup project – DigiClan. In this article, we would like to describe the concept of the DigiClan’s logo and its meanings, hidden in color, forms, and each element of the logo. An essential social message it carries, and about many vital sides of logo touching souls of each of us. Have a pleasant reading!

Thousands of generations are standing right behind you today. Their destinies, their efforts, their dreams for the future. Our ancestors have created a unique clan and endowed us with the strength and talents that we can also pass on. The power of the clan grows with the birth of the new family members. The clan, as a powerful tree, is ready to give energy to the fruit – its continuation, which will surely grow new trees and new fruits. Remembering your loved ones, you always feel: you are not alone.

Your clan, your kind, is a fruitful tree under blue skies. This symbol of eternal life is on the Digiclan logo.

The blue background resembles the sky, clear water, air and the eternity of evolution. In the center of the logo there is the tree of life, a symbol of eternity, family, belonging and connection with nature, knowledge of one’s own origin.


The trunk of the tree is the strong roots of love, thoughts, memories, and everything that our clan invests in us. It is thanks to the mothers and fathers of our clan we today can live, taste and create. The tree trunk is the support: the invaluable experience of the ancestors, about which Digiclan will help to learn more.


The branches on the logo depict a long way, which our ancestors have gone through for the sake of the future. The branches are the globe, the planetary world and the virtual world of the World wide web (after all, today the parts of families living in different countries communicate via the network). They connect people at a distance and in different time zones, keeping them in touch with the family, and uniting the loved ones scattered across the world.


Fruit is the emotions, success and life experience that we and our children receive, remembering our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. And the more stories about generations are stored in the memory of the clan, the stronger is its genetic code.

You have the right to know your history

The Digiclan logo shows that there are many trees in the world, and yours is one of them, it is unique and full of mysteries. White tree on the logo – is the chance to fill it with the history of pride for your own kind, to remember the fruits and roots, reminding the loved ones of a broad perspective. And the prospects are endless, because the tree reaches out to the sky!

The tree of your generation is the result of stories and destinies, the heart put by those who were already thinking about you decades and centuries ago. And it certainly has a place to remember the dearest person smiling, taking you into the warm arms and lifting you up, bringing closer to the cloudless sky. And it is impossible to forget: it is sewn into our attitude to the world, into our relationships with children.

Remember your history. Learn from your history. Create your history. Give your loved ones an unforgettable emotion that will be always kept in their hearts.