Best Startups: 5 Ideas for Different Business Spheres

What’s stopping you from the development of your own business project? Is it that difficult? Will your startup be unique, successful and popular? Will you get the investor’s support? All these doubt-bringing questions haven’t stopped the today’s successful, popular and profiting startuppers from all over the world. Here are 5 various business ideas which were able to grow the target audience and caught the attention of the investors.

1.Household Appliances: Molekule Air Purifier

All the people hate dust, that’s why the Molekule, an innovative air purifier, was invented. It doesn’t collect the duct, but destroys it on the molecular level! It’s a great opportunity for the people with allergies to improve their life, and for all the potential clients to make their homes cleaner. Also, the device connects to the Wi-Fi and can be remotely controlled using a smartphone.

2. Transport: Unmanned Trucks

Once, Juno and Uber were startups too, and now they’ve become world leaders in the passengers’ transportation. The tendency of transporting was supported by the Otto company: the former Google employees are now realizing the simplification of the large items transportation, launching the technology of unmanned trucks. It allows transforming any truck released after 2013 into a self-driving machine. It is expected to save money both for the clients and for the cargo companies.

3. Marketing: Leantegra

Proximity marketing is rapidly becoming more and more popular, as it leans on the client’s geolocation. To make it even more useful both for clients, marketers and brands, the Leantegra system was created by the Ukrainian startup team. It collects information about the geolocation (place and time) of the clients to send proper advertisement via Bluetooth. Invasion of privacy or a convenient client-oriented solution?

4. Hotel business: Recharge, Per Minute Paying Hotels

As for the concept of a startup, America is still the main generator of successful business ideas. A startupper from the US is developing a unique solution for people in need of some rest and a place to stay for a short period of time, having all the conveniences of an regular hotel. Recharge is a service allowing to stay at the hotel room just for 1 minute and pay for it $0.67 instead of the full night price. Would you book an expensive hotel room for a half-an-hour stay before an important meeting in another city? No. But would you want to have a comfortable bed and take a shower after a long trip? Of course, you would! That’s why the service is so promising.

5. The Xpand Quick Release System

Do you enjoy having your constantly unleashing shoelaces? No one does. That’s why the Xpand Quick Release System was created. It offers a new vision of shoelaces, allowing to just tighten them and stop worrying about them being unleashed or soiled.

Which of the startups made you interested most? What does your idea need to be developed into real business? And what’s stopping you now from the lean startup development, having the support of MindArts?

The path to the realization of your dream begins here!